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Sectional Doors

We can supply and fit a wide range of Sectional Doors

If you’re looking for doors that can cope with regular usage and offer solid protection, then sectional doors are the ideal choice. Made from the most durable aluminium or steel, sectional doors are comprised of multiple panels of metal and open vertically, tucking away into the ceiling when open so space can be maximised.

Sectional doors are designed for warehouses and industrial locations as they save on space, meaning unloading vehicles can park close to the building, and their strong, long lasting nature offers a great level of protection, too.

Built to meet your specific needs, sectional doors are incredibly easy to use and can withstand all the pressures of an industrial environment. If your property has an angled roof, then bespoke tracks can be installed which will ensure your sectional doors will open in-line with your roof’s shape- further improving ease of use.

A popular option on most modern industrial units due to combination of security and weather permeability. This style of door offers the highest insulation value of all industrial doors and has the best seal on all points of the structure. Available in a wide variety of standard colours, with the option of being finished in any RAL & BS colour codes. As these doors are designed to operate on rollers within a track, they provide smooth almost silent movement whilst in motion. Available as manual operation via a hand chain or simple push button electric option with both single and three phase motors available. Electric doors can be accompanied with a variety of safety features to prevent accidental closures and collisions. 40mm thick panels can be supplied in steel or aluminium and are polyurethane foam filled for insulation, in extreme thermal situations it possible to have an 80mm thick panel option. All panels can include the addition of glazed units for vision at low level or to allow extra light into a unit at higher level to maintain security. Its also possible to have a wicket door within the panel on such areas where personnel access is an issue or a fire exit door is required.
A great choice for business’s such as car dealerships, where you want potential customers to view your stock clearly after open hours. Using the same design as the conventional sectional doors they still offer a high level of security as well good vision in and out of your premises. With rubber seals on all four edges they guarantee complete weather permeability and good insulation values with double glazed panels. The glazed panels can come in either laminated glass or perspex options, both single and double glazed, and even tinted options are possible. The strength of the panel is due to the construction of the extruded aluminium frame work which can be powder coated in any RAL/BS colour of your choice. As with all other sectional doors they can be manually hand chain operated or electrically operated, with a wide variety of safety and control features making them the perfect solution for many retail and office environments.

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